Delaron Batch-distilled Ultra Premium Vodka

A diversified Southern California enterprise that maintains a skin care and anti-aging cosmetics brand, as well as a clothing line, Delaron has also introduced an ultra-premium vodka. Delaron Ultra Premium Vodka celebrates a lifestyle that encompasses glamor modeling, exotic car rallies, and charity events that help children in need.

The attention to detail in the production process for Delaron Ultra Premium Vodka distinguishes it from other brands. Batch-distilled five times, it is made with water that has been purified with ultraviolet rays, and filtered through granular activated carbon from virgin coconut husks. This is the best filtration medium available for ensuring purity. The resulting vodka is medium-bodied with hints of minerals and grains. Unlike non-premium vodkas, its clean aroma is never marred by an alcoholic bite.

Slightly spicy to the palate, Delaron Ultra Premium Vodka finishes with an edge of sweetness, making it a smooth, refreshing product that can be enjoyed straight or as a mixer.