About Delaron



A purveyor of high-end products including cosmetics and clothing, Delaron recently added vodka to its list of offerings. Consistent with the brand’s reputation for quality, the vodka is distilled five times, making it unlike any other product on the market. In addition, Delaron vodka is subject to a complex filtration process during which it is purified with ultraviolet rays and filtered through a virgin coconut husk carbon.

While this may sound like an overly complex method of brewing, reviews speak for themselves. The Delaron product is clean-tasting and does not have an overpowering alcohol taste. Priced at $30-$40 for a 750 ml bottle, the Delaron product is part of a trending premium category of vodkas that are taking the spirits market by storm.

The vodka reflects the upscale image of the company, and for some, it is the epitome of designer vodka. With a unique brewing process and balanced taste, the vodka more than upholds the Delaron brand’s reputation of quality and sophistication.


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